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Canopy, Hoist, Decaf (set) - CDW

This set of finely curated coffees represents the best of the Bow Truss lineup. Exclusively for CDW, this set includes our Decaf Ethiopia Sidama, our Canopy Blend, and our Hoist Espresso Blend.

Decaf Ethiopia Sidama - Kenebata Natural
This delicious decaf comes from a variety of dry-mill processing stations throughout the Sidama region. The coffee is sent to a decaf processing plant in Germany, where it is decaffeinated using the Methyl-Chloride method. The green coffee is steamed, which brings a majority of the caffeine to the surface of the bean. The Methyl-Chloride solvent is then applied, which absorbs a majority of the bean’s caffeine. This process decaffeinates the coffee while preserving the delicate oils, which give the coffee its flavor. This process of decaffeination can sound frightening to the consumer. Often, an alternative method of Swiss Water Processing (SWP) is sold as a more health friendly option. In fact, SWP uses an almost identical (albeit organic) chemical known as Ethyl Acetate to absorb caffeine. The results of both processes leave TRACE AMOUNTS of the respective chemicals upon completion. This level is SEVERAL HUNDRED TIMES less that what the FDA deems appropriate for human consumption. Additionally, the result of the Methyl-Chloride process is much often a tastier cup with no health risks to the consumer. So relax, kick back and enjoy!

  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Region: Sidama
  • Cup Profile: Dark chocolate with a medium body. Creamy with citrus notes throughout
  • Grower/Farm: Members of OCFCU/SCFCU
  • Varietal: Heirloom Varietals
  • Harvest: September to December
  • Altitude: 6000 to 7500 ft.
  • Process: Natural

Hoist Espresso Blend
A classic espresso blend that’s full bodied. Notes of dark chocolate, walnut and caramel saturate the palate. This espresso is wildly popular with our wholesale customers.

  • Country: Brazil and Mexico
  • Cup Profile: Walnut, Baker’s Chocolate, Creamy
  • Varietals: Bourbon and Typica
  • Process: Pulp Natural/Washed

Canopy Blend
This blend of Central and South America coffee is quickly becoming a Bow Truss favorite. A great deal of care was spent developing the approachable flavors that make this coffee a perfect fit for those desiring a comforting and delectable cup.

  • Country: Central & South America
  • Cup Profile: Dark Chocolate, Dark Cherry, Peach
  • Varietals: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra
  • Process: All Washed